5 Amazing Day-Trips from Milan Italy


Italy is one of the most beautiful countries in the whole world, and when it comes to northern Italy, it’s easy to say that Milan is every traveller’s dream. In fact, Milan is a huge gateway to the home of the best pasta and the perfect place to start your il dolce far niente journey. So, my recommendation for those who have never been to northern Italy is to spend a whole week, put their base in Milan and explore the whole region in one day trips. Without further ado, here are 5 Amazing Day-Trips from Milan Italy.

5 Amazing Day-Trips from Milan Italy

1.Lake Como – the most popular day trip from Milan

Lake Como is probably the most popular day trip from Milan and and it’s really no wonder that each tourist in Milan heads to the Italian Alps for a whole day.

In the heart of the mountains, Lake Como is a true gem that has so much to offer that it’s impossible not to love it. You’ve probably heard that George Clooney has a house on the shores of Lake Como and that it’s a popular area among Hollywood stars. Well, we understand why! Because we live pretty close to Como, every summer we choose to spend a Saturday by the lake, taking boat rides on the lake, eating gelato and soaking up the sun. Of all the villages and towns clustered along the shore, we recommend Bellagio. Yes, yes, just like the famous hotel in Las Vegas.

How to get to Como/Bellagio from Milan:

2. Bernina Express – one of the most spectacular train rides in the world

If you love trains or mountains, then the best day trip from Milan for you is a trip on the Bernina Express! The Bernina Express is a train serving the Bernina pass, a beautiful Alpine pass between Italy and Switzerland and holds the record for being the steepest railways in the world. You can

The train connects Tirano to St Moritz, in Switzerland, and is a great way to spend a day in this glamorous resort town. It’s an excursion that can easily be done in a single day, but if time allows, make an exception and stay overnight in Switzerland’s luxuriant ski resort of St. Moritz. Of all the trips recommended in this article, this is the kind of trip that is better to do as part of a tour. Get your guide, our trusted partner in all our travels, offers several options for a day trip from Milan by Bernina Express train.

3. Verona – a romantic gateaway

Verona is the city of love in Italy, and besides Romeo and Juliet, Verona is also one of the most beautiful cities in Northern Italy. In fact, in my opinion, a day trip to Verona is an absolute must if you are coming to Milan for the first time. Verona is really easy and cheap to reach by train, and one day is more than enough to visit the centro storico, Juliet’s house and the arena. Because Rome is not the only city in Italy that boasts an impressive coliseum, Verona has one too.

4. Lake Garda

Northern Italy has three fantastic lakes that are very popular among locals: Lake Como, Lake Maggiore and Lake Garda. Lake Garda is the biggest lake in Italy and a popular summer vacation destination for locals and tourists alike. People usually spend anything between a weekend and a week here however, you can also easily visit it from Milan for a day-trip. For this one-day trip I recommend you to rent a car because it will be easier to visit all the wonderful places on the shores of Lake Garda. So, not to be missed are Riva del Garda, Sirmione and Limone sul Garda.

5. Bergamo – a hidden gem in Northern Italy

Beautiful Bergamo is one of the easiest and most surprising day trips from Milan if you love charming old towns. Bergamo develops at the bottom and a top of a hill: the lowest part of town is Bergamo Bassa (bassa=low) and the one on top is Bergamo alta (alta=high), the ancient part of the city, still surrounded by Bastions now UNESCO World Heritage. The city is medieval in architecture and a delight to discover on foot.

How to get to Bergamo from Milan:

  • Regular trains connect Milano Centrale to Bergamo in about 50 minutes.

Best Time to Visit Milan (Northern Italy)

The best time to visit Milan and the Northern Italy is April to July, September, and October. The weather around these months is pleasant to take up any adventure activities. July and August is when the place gets crowded as it is the holiday season and people flock to the city for vacations. Another time to avoide is during the Milan Fashion Week because the travel rates – especially the accomodations – shoot up during this time.

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