Ce suveniruri trebuie să cumperi din Elvetia

Although we have quite a large collection of fridge magnets, when buying souvenirs for ourselves or our loved ones, we try to get things that represent something more. We buy local sweets or those things that are only found in the place we visit, those items that best represent that particular place. From India we got chai masala and spices for butter chicken, from Malaysia we got chocolate with durian flavour, and from Amalfi we got limoncello and meloncello. However, when it comes to Switzerland, these are the Best Swiss Souvenirs to Take Home From Your Trip.

Best Swiss Souvenirs to Take Home From Your Trip

1.Swiss chocolate (cost: from 1.60CHF)

The best souvenir you can buy in Switzerland is chocolate. But please don’t “surprise” your friends with Toblerone chocolate (as an expat in Switzerland I can assure you that Toblerone is not the best Swiss chocolate), but choose another brand of chocolate. Ragusa and Cailler are the best Swiss chocolates. Plus, it’s impossible to find them outside Switzerland.

Where can you find Ragusa/Cailler chocolate? – In every supermarket. Denner stores have the best offers and prices for chocolate. You can also buy Cailler chocolate in the official Cailler chocolate factory shop. The factory is located near Montreux and can be visited. More details about Maison Cailler…

When it comes to hot chocolate powder, the best ones are Cailler and Ovomaltine.

Best Swiss Souvenirs

2.Swiss cheese (from 2,60 CHF/100g)

Another thing you can buy is Swiss cheese – the matured kind because it’s easier to transport. You should try: Appenzeller, Tête de Moine, Gruyere, Luzerner Rhamkase, Sbrinz. If you want to try the home-made fondue, then you need to buy Gruyere and  Vacherin Fribourgeous. 

Best Swiss Souvenirs

Wine (from 7CHF/0.75l)

The Lavaux vineyards surrounding Lake Geneva are part of the UNESCO World Heritage, and if you get the chance to visit them, the best souvenir you can buy there is a bottle of wine. Among the best wines from the Lavaux wine region are: Domaine des Faverges Saint-Saphorin, Dézaley Grand Cru or Lavaux AOC St-Saphorin La Donjannaz.

Where can you find wines from the Lavaux wine region? – In every supermarket. Denner and Coop stores have the largest and most varied range of wines.

Best Swiss Souvenirs

Fondue set

Another gift for someone with a cooking passion, but also for the friend in whose house the family gathers, would be a Fondue set. Indeed, it’s extremely difficult to travel with a fondue set if you only have a small piece of hand luggage, but for those who are road-tripping with their own car, transportation is not really a problem.
For those who have never eaten, fondue is a mixture of different cheeses that are melted in a pot. It is eaten with bread, baby potatoes and is usually accompanied by pickles and wine.

5.Kambly biscuits and Kagi wafers

These Swiss-made biscuits are available in practically every supermarket and grocery store in the country. But for a more unique experience, visit the Kambly factory in Emmental. There, you can sample a wide variety of Kambly biscuits and spend time choosing your favourites to bring home as souvenirs from Switzerland for your loved ones.

On the other hand, Kagi wafers are the best wafers in the world and I really recommend buying a few packs for your loved ones. They will be much appreciated.

Best Swiss Souvenirs

6.Swiss Army Knife

There is not much to say about the Swiss Army Knife, but what you should know in case you want to buy such a souvenir is that it’s better to buy it at the airport, after going through security.


Cows are extremely loved and important, so much so that there are celebrations dedicated to them, especially in the Appenzell region. And the bells that cows wear around their necks are known to locals as the music of the Alps and, believe it or not, you can buy these bells as souvenirs in Switzerland! While most countries use cast-iron bells, Swiss bells are made of pressed sheet metal, called Trychel. Trychel bells have a more distinct noise and are supposedly more comfortable for the animals that wear them.

They can be found in every souvenir shop, next to cuckoo clocks.

Best Swiss Souvenirs

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