If you are planning a city break in Budapest and want to get from Budapest airport to the city centre, cheap and easy… Well, you have landed in the right place! I recently spent a weekend in Budapest, and today I want to show you the cheapest way to get from the airport right in the heart of the city. An option that we also tried 😀

Bus 100E – from Budapest airport to the city centre

Budapest Airport (BUD) is located 16 km from the city centre, and for the transfer from the airport to the city centre we have a super cheap and practical option called “bus 100E”.

While a taxi ride costs on average 25 euros, a 100E bus ride costs 900 HUF (2.4E). The bus stop is located at Terminal 2 (T2), and tickets can be purchased from the airport (right at the exit, next to the currency exchange).

Buses run every 20-25 minutes, from 05:00-01:20 (from the airport) and 03:40-00:40 (from the city centre) and the journey takes approx. 45 minutes.

The station in the centre is called Deak Ferenc. It is located approx. 600 m from St. Stephen’s Basilica and 1.5 km from the Parliament.

Personal experience: It was extremely easy to get to the city centre. We arrived in the evening around 10pm and the bus ride was even shorter. Personally, there is no reason to take a taxi as long as the plane arrives at a decent time. For the difference in price, we could buy 8 langos from the best langos in Budapest. 😀

from Budapest airport to the city centre

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